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Photo of Lowell Bennett, Writer, Editor, Photographer

Lowell Bennett


After more than 15 years self-employed in business and communications in San Francisco, in 2005 Lowell Bennett accepted a contract as an editorial consultant with China's largest publishing house. This marked the beginning of an extended term of global residency.


After five years based in Beijing and traveling much of China, Bennett traveled across and resided in nearly all the nations of Southeast Asia, with occasional work assignments taking him back to China, Europe and the US.


For about a year spanning 2015 to 2016, Bennett traveled and did business in Central America, primarily in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. He now resides in Holland.


A businessman as well as an award-winning writer and photographer, Bennett is the author of two books, several screenplays, inflight magazine articles and numerous other works of fiction and nonfiction. A core part of his practice in business communications is the electronic, print and presentational marketing of high-dollar residential and commercial real estate. A primary and very successful client of 14 years is the San Francisco Bay Area firm, MRE Commercial Real Estate.


Bennett handles virtually every aspect of MRE’s marketing program, including and the many marketing packages available for download on the site.


On the deliberately streamlined MRE website is represented a sort of narrative in business and commercial marketing. On the Media Page of this site can be reviewed Bennett’s work in mediums more visual, creative and journalistic.


Today Lowell Bennett is based in both the US and the EU, where he lives and works in the Netherlands.

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