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Regional and Local
Economic Indicators
  • To better facilitate operations between the US East Coast, Costa Rica and the Panama Canal, the Dutch port operator, APM Terminals, invested US$1 billion in a new operation now being constructed in Limon, about 55 km up the coast from Puerto Viejo.

  • About 65 km north of Puerto Viejo the oil refinery in Moin is set for expansion and modernization. Besides a general boost in the regional economy and employment, an influx in professionals with disposable income is expected to benefit Limon Province and its premier resort town, Puerto Viejo.

  • The region’s main north-south highway, Route 32, will be widened and modernized across its southerly 107-km stretch. Expanding from a two to four-lane highway, drive time between Puerto Viejo and the north, including San Jose and its international airport, SJO, will be significantly lessened. A concurrent expansion in tourism volume is expected.

  • Within the next few years it is expected that the Limon airport will be expanded to accommodate international flights and the development of a new airport was proposed by the president during a meeting of CARICOM. In December of 2014, Nature Air and Sansa began daily domestic flights to Limon, foretelling a significant increase in visitors to the Caribbean coast.

  • In September of 2015 the Port of Limon opened cruise ship operations, marked by 1,189 tourists boarding a Monarch cruise liner and the opening of Immigration Administration facilities.

Region from Puerto Viejo to Liimon, Costa Rica

Limon - Puerto Viejo: 58 km / 36 miles.

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